Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys are playing the Dualplover End of Financial Year Party at Home Nightclub June 30. The Dualplover bossmen Lucas and Swerve said we can choose how much we can charge you for tickets so we’ve taken this opportunity to spearheaded a new music revolution, like when Radiohead let you choose how much you paid for their record but A LOT more interesting. Be a part of the most important thing to happen to music since the invention of Garage Band!

Firstly here’s the full line-up and all the details about the party:
(make sure to get a ticket cause it’s $25 on the door)

We’re offering you many flexible payment options where you can trade your goods, service, skills, digital or physical dollars! You can pay with good old fashion ca$h at Repressed Records (356 King Street, Newtown). We’re giving you the option of paying half to the Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys and half to your other favourite band. So if you wanted to you could give $5 to BWBBs and $5 to Whores. As DRUNK ELK are coming all the way from Tasmania Repressed Records will also be selling tickets on their behalf. $10 straight in their pocket. EVEN BETTER, if you buy Drunk Elk’s CD “ Pieces Of People We Have Known” or any Dualplover or R.I.P Society label release tickets for the End Of Financial Year Party are only $5!

If you hate going outside during record store opening ours you can paypal $10 to r.i.p.societyrecords@gmail.com . Make sure to specify if you want you moolah to go to Drunk Elk (great idea, these guys make cool music and should be encouraged) or half the $10 to go to another band.

As dual plover have let us choose how much we want to charge for tickets we (Joe, Ben and Nic) have compiled as list of things we’ll exchange for entry into the HAPPY NEW FINANCIAL YEAR PARTY. If you think you’ve got something or a skill we’d enjoy (like a free caricature, Slade 7”s etc) feel free to suggest it in the comment box down the bottom.

- Drumsticks (no cracks, any weight)
- One set of light gauge electric guitar strings
- One working guitar lead
- 2 Tooheys Old Long Necks
- 2 Franzinweiner Dark Brews
- 2 Happy hour pints at James Squire Brewery
- Fix our internet or just make the internet work on Bens computer
- 1 bottle of Head ‘n’ Shoulders Anti-Drandruff 2in1 Shampoo
- 3 cans of Dr Pepper
- 2 to 4 gigabite USB stick
- Access to screen printing set up / help us burn images into existing screens for t-shirt printing
- Screen printing squeegee
- *New* woollen socks
- Fix the lock on out front door
- A bag of old baseballs
- Assortment of labelled spices
- Mickey Dee’s family dinner box
- 1 large pizza (delivered?)
- Lend us a digital video camera for 2 weeks
- Casual employment (Saturday during the day) for Ben
- Cool DVD’s, videos etc (Rock ‘n’ Rule, Decline of Western Civ, Surf Nazis Must Die etc)
- 1 skull (must be bigger than your thumb)
- 10 AA batteries
- 3 9V batteries
- 50 clear 7” outer sleeves
- 20 BWBB badges
- Rage guest program spot
- Burns / dubs of hard to find music recordings… KBD style punk, Roky Erickson, Italian Hardcore, good private press pysch, analogue electronic experimental stuff (Broken Flag Records, M.B, Throbbing Gristle related stuff) or Samhain (Danzigs band after the Misfits, really want to hear their records after years of neglect!)
- Old punk fanzines
- Photocopies of article on The Misfits, Chrome, Replacements, Meat Puppets, GG Allin, early Aussie punk etc (you know the type of stuff we’re into)
- Books about freaks and deformities
- Fresh fruit/veg
- a cake or other sweets
- 1 Old Spice Classic Scent Deodorant (for Nic) AND one Brut deodorant (Joe)
- 2011 calendar of cats, dogs or extreme sports
- Notes / drawings by a member of the UV Race
- Coupons / vouchers (savings need to be upward of $10)
- Blender or microwave
- 2 x Xbox controllers
- Amusing t-shirts
- 12 tins of cat food (not home brand)

Not Accepted…
- Pure Blonde style beers
- Ciggies
- Poetry
- Drama TV shows DVD (except Desperate Housewives)
- Band demos
- Hard drugs
- Buy 1 get one 1 type vouchers

- Paypal $10 to r.i.p.societyrecords@gmail.com and state if you’d like to pay Drunk Elk or give $5 to another band.
- Drop $10 into Repressed Records (356 King St, Newtown) and let the handsome staff members know who gets the money. Remember only $5 with any Drunk Elk, Dualplover or R.I.P Society Records purchase.
- Name something on the list you can provide or another service/item you can offer. We’ll give it the yay or nay. No awesome offer refused!

Any questions email r.i.p.societyrecords@gmail.com or leave them below.

P.S. There's no physical tickets, you'll be on the Home Nighclub VIP LIST (usually reserved for celebrities like Dave Hughes and Ian Thorpe).


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