Tuesday, March 30, 2010


USA CUSTOMERS: Circle Pit, Straight Arrows, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Kitchen's Floor & Royal Headache 7"s alongside the King Khan & The Shrines Australian tour 7" at Goner Records.

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: Very limited quantities of the Circle Pit, Bed Wettin'Bad Boy's, Kitchen's Floor & Straight Arrows 7"s left. Check local independent record stores. Rural folks order at r.i.p.societyrecords@gmail.com, I'll be accepting mail orders for these record for the NEXT 2 DAYS, the rest are saved for the band & for sale at shows.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Important message from Dead Farmers:
After 3 and a bit years of keeping time for Dead Farmers, we unfortunately have to announce the departure of our beloved Chabbs. Sad day, but the man could no longer divide time between the trash cans and his studies. So as he leaves we wish him all the best in the future - tute on son, tute on! Not all bad news though, as a replacement has already been lined up and is ready to go. Kowalski, member of Peewee and main man from Marickville's finest party house Louie's, is our new dude in the chair. Y'can hear the lineup first on March 12th supporting our brothers Deaf Wish, alongside Straight Arrows at the Supper Club. Get in early to catch the new Farmers in action!

Dead Farmers debut LP "Go Home" is due out mid-April but knowing my luck that could anywhere between two weeks from now and 2015. See them play for the first time in months here.

The Royal Headache 7" has been delayed as the pressing plant forgot to mail them.... So basically they've been sitting on a warehouse floor for 3 weeks. I'll be frantically trying to email all of those who have pre-ordered this record, stores etc over the next few days. Sorry bout that y'all. Americans will be able to get this record from Goner in a week or so I reckon!