Thursday, February 4, 2010


RIP010: Straight Arrows - Can't Count 7" Repress
A split release with Juvenile Records aka Juvenile Society Records. A repress of 200 copies, RIP Society's 100 copies have the original cover, Juvenile Records 100 copies have a mushroom on the cover. Hand stamped and numbered labels in a very messy careless fashion. Definitely a highlights of Australian punk/garage over the last few years. $9 postage paid in Australia, $11.50 postage paid (US currency) to the US. Paypal or email the same place to enquire about ordering multiple copies. Available at Missing Link (Melb), Repressed Records (Syd) as well as The Outpost (bris) and Big Star (SA) in the next couple of days. Sorry about the price internationals....

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