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RIP003: Lloyd Honeybrook - Saxual Abstinence Cassette
Heavy, tonal feedback experiments in not playing the saxophone. The standard edition is a c60 then there's the die-hard 2xc60 edition. Lloyd will take a heap on these on his tour of Japan with Robbie Avanenaim in a couple of months. People in Melbourne should contact him direct for copies, hopefully I'll have soon (one-for-one dubbing sucks).

RIP006: Royal Headache 7"
Sorry this one's taking so long but it's worth the wait. Four tracks a heap of you are probably already familiar with: Splash, Surprise, Eloise & Girls. Embraced by young punk sceptical of all things garage as well as those annoying old dudes that spend all their money of rare Easybeats records. Royal Headache's music will warm the heart of even the crustiest old scrooge.

RIP007: Kitchen's Floor - Regrets 7"
Three new tracks: Orbit, Regrets & Still Night. Here's a video for Regrets and here's a video for Orbit. The third track Still Night is a real winner too, one of the most down of their downer hits. This EP won't disappoints those into their album "Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress" from last year. A bit of a different sound, more raw and tattered which suits the hopeless atmosphere of these songs.

RIP008: Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Worst Band In Sydney / Best Band In Sydney 7"
Think indie rock before indie rock meant you were a sweater wearing nerd (aka Replacements, Meat Puppets) with a heavy dose of suburban punk, overdriven guitars and a rowdy Australia quality about it. Not the most hip or liked band around probably because they off get too drunk and talk too much shit in between songs. Anyway this 7" delivers and shows that they can actually write good tunes.

RIP009: Dead Farmers - Go Home LP
Long awaited debut LP after being the first release on Aarght Records (Eddy Current, UV Race, Super Wild Horses etc) a couple of years ago. I saw their first or second show three and a half years ago and haven't missed many since. At the time it seemed everything around me was no-wavey or post-something and these three young men playing powerful, honest-to-god rock music felt like the most ambitious, genuine thing around. Somewhere between your garage punk and heavy pyschedelic rock (Groundhogs, Blue Cheer, Mainliner etc). These dudes feel like my local Stooges/Creedence/Minutemen.

RIP010: Straight Arrows - Can't Count 7" Repress
A split release with Juvenile Records aka Juvenile Society Records. A repress of 200 copies, I'll make up some covers for RIP's 100 copies and have them ready in about a fortnight. If you want one now more info here. Listen to the Straight Arrows here. Definitely a highlights of Australian punk/garage over the last few years.

RIP011: Languid Mosque Zine
A Royal Headache / Bed Wettin' Bad Boy tour diary. Pretty much writing about the tour and some topics that came up in the car/at the shows etc. Although nobody submitted any stories about punk rock under Premier Joh Beljelke-Petersen's I'll still look into it. Probably some crude drawings/collages and contributions from other band members.
NOTE: I'll be offering some type of package deal for the Royal Headache, Kitchen's Floor & Bed Wettin' Bad Boys 7" that'll include Languid Mosque Zine. Maybe some special covers etc. More details once I get the text pressings back!
Shops/distros or anyone who waits more information (radio, media etc) get in touch at .

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