Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swine Mountain

I've been putting off starting this blog for months. I started thinking about / writing the first couple of entries when under house arrest from swine flu but wasn't until I was that I saw the labels first print ad (with this url listed) that I realised I should get shit happening....

R.I.P Society is a record label from Sydney, Australia. Funded by saving from Centrelink Newstart / Youth Allowance payments and part time record store work. Specialising in Australian music of the non Fitzroy cafe, late 20's dinner party, chin-scratchin'-black-rimmed -glasses-gimme-arts-funding variety. Black Flag are probably the best band ever.

Issue two of Sydney based music journal Mountain Fold is out now. Articles on Sean Bailey (aka Lakes), Philip Brophey, Circle Pit, The Dead C, Wet Hair & Woods. Circle Pit and Lakes were the first two R.I.P Society Records releases so no doubt I'm going to tell you it's great (it actually is though). Pick it up for free from Repressed Records in Sydney or Missing Link in Melbourne. It's free and pretty. I picked up a whole heap of zines this week that should be available from these two stores. Look out for SSEX (interviews with Chrome Dome & NOTV), Distort, Pederast Prophet, Niche Home vol. 1 & 2 and Human Being Lawnmower. Haven't got a copy yet but looking forward to Negative Guest List issue 2 (Royal Headache & Bed Wettin' Bad Boys are on the CD comp along with pre-Pink Reason band Hate Fuck, the Seizures, Puerto Rico Flowers etc) and Stained Sheets.

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